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Aether Spectrum Inc. is an emerging innovative supplier of microwave filter components and RF sub-systems for telecommunication, satellite and wireless communication industries. We support advanced design techniques and effective design solutions to suit our customer needs. We also provide unique manufacturing technologies, which gives us outstanding capabilities to serve our clients.
We collaborate with satellite communications companies and wireless system integrators to bring new generations of specialized microwave filters and hardware platforms to market economically and faster.
Our WiFi Management Solutions is improving communication everywhere your efficiency, security, quality and budget matters. Connecting Schools, Universities, Sport Facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Manufacturing and Corporate needs.
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RF/Microwave Hardware

Passive Waveguide & Coaxial Components
  • Transmit-Reject and Receive-Reject Filters
  • Low-Pass and Harmonics Reject Filters
  • Interference Reject Filters
  • Intermodulation Reject Filters
  • Band-Reject and Notch Filters
  • Customized Filters
  • Ancilary Passive Components

RF Design Software
  • Rectangular Waveguide Filters and Connections
  • Evanescent-Mode Filters and Assemblies

Providing High Performance RF/Microwave Filtering & Component Solutions.
  • Founded in 2007
  • Headquartered in Canada
  • Privately held and supported
  • In the recent past we have worked with Tier 1 Customers
  • Our IP portfolio includes patents issued and filed in microwave Filter design
  • Passive Components and Subsystems Design
  • RF/Microwave Design support,Signal Integrity & Product Integrity on Analogue & Digital front ends
  • Technology Consulting & Systems Engineering
  • Wireless Technology Development
  • Telecom Software Development
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